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Testing, testing....

I can finally get a LJ app on my phone! now to figure it out. I hope.



From my fangirl to yours

I'm so, very behind on updating here. Most of my internet life is via my BlackBerry now and it doesn't have a Live Journal app. Lame!

So, while I'm home at my laptop (Yay!), here's what's happening on my mantle this Christmas Eve Eve.  My daughter, Rachel (the one in love with Matt Smith), staged it:

Caption courtesy of my husband on Facebook:

I'm not exactly sure what Rachel was going for in this one, but I can hear the Dalek now... "YOU USED UP ALL THE GLUE!! EXPLAIN!!! EXPLAIN!!! NOT A FINGERRRR!!! NOT A FINGERRRRRR!!!"

Also, this:

I don't even know what to say except that we must have a thing about action figures and leg lamps in this house....

Personal best

I ran for ten minutes on the treadmill today. TEN WHOLE MINUTES! I was so happy, I nearly cried and it may not sound like a big deal, but the last time I tried this running thing, I couldn't even run for two minutes.

Heck, last week, I could barely run for four!

Tim and I have started the Body for Life program and I think the weight lifting, high protein diet and vitamin supplements have started to pay off. (It's the only explanation I have for the sudden burst in endurance: stronger bones and more muscle mass.)

I know I've still got a long way to go before I can finally run that 5K I've been dreaming of, but I'll take this ten minutes and be darn-tootin' proud of it! :D

Costuming! Getting back into it, I hope.

I have been almost totally out of the costuming loop since, well, Star Wars Celebration IV in 2007.  But I want to costume for Celebration VI next August and I want New Stuff!  :D  (Maaaaaaaybe even for Dragon*Con next year, but I’ll have to see how RL/teh monies go.)
Here’s my wish list for CVI:

PICS and stuff under the cutCollapse )

Finally, a QUESTION for my costuming friends: Where are the happening sites/groups for SW costuming nowadays? I lurk a little at TFN's costuming forum, but it's reallllllly quiet.  I'm also a member of my local Rebel Legion (which is also pretty quiet) and I have them and the local 501st Garrison friended on Facebook, but I just don't see much activity.  Where am I missing?

Yes, this is a shameless plug, but the lovely and talented Jan Duursema has a fan page on Facebook now and she's posted some GORGEOUS pencils from Star Wars Legacy: WAR

Here's a link to the page

and a couple of my favorite panels:

Of course, they both have Cade in them, LOL.  ;D 


Back to school!

Not me, my kids. ;D  School starts TOMORROW here!  Sing it with me, parents:



The new Harry Dresden book is out! :D

Been waiting over a YEARRRRRRRR for this book after the most evil cliffie ending EVAH!!11!1!

We bought two copies: the Kindle for me and the hardcover for my husband because, for marital sanity's sake, some things just cannot be shared. ;)

I'M SO EXCITED!! If you couldn't tell, LOL.

And HAI, LJ!  =)  I just renewed my paid membership here so I really should use it.  I'm gonna do better about that.

No, really, this time.


Celebration VI!

Star Wars Celebration 6 in Orlando 2012  

And I. Am. Going. This. Time!

No, really. Already got a room booked! :D


I was totally apathetic about the last one until I spent the whole weekend getting text messages from friends down there, asking me things like:

Where’s the [name of event] party?

Which hotel is [mutual friend] staying in?

When's the [costuming group] group picture?

Hey, I’m here! Where is [insert name of friend]?

What time does [event] start?

And you know what? I knew the answers from 800 miles away, LOL.


Even better, texts like:

 Just waved at you from the mixer! (Which I was watching on the live web feed. .....And I waved back at my laptop screen! <3 u  gabri_jade ;))

 Just talked to Jan Duursema and she says “Hi!”

 Got you that exclusive comic you wanted!

 And the coup de grace from kayladie :   “I JUST MET MARK HAMILL AND SHOOK HIS HAND!!!”



I was sad!fangirl and spent all weekend talking about it so much that my husband said he was sending me to the next one even if he had to FedEx me there, LOL.
So yeah. That’s when I knew that I can’t miss Celebrations.  I don’t mind the heat/location/dates. Wish it was a little closer, but we’re driving down anyway.




The end of a fandom era.

The FINAL issue of Star Wars Legacy comes out today

I won't know if I'm elated or devastated with the finale until I've ready it, but I am really going to miss this feeling that I have right now: that counting-down-the-hours-until-the-comic-shop because IT'S LEGACY DAY! feeling.  <3

And while I'm shouting names: CATNIP!

First look at Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games movie.

Oh, yes.  That works for me! :D  Article  The fact that Suzanne Collins has been intimately involved with the casting process also gives me much hope. Please don't screw it up, Hollywood.